Goo Hye Sun explains the hard thing in Boys Over Flowers


Playing the role of Jan Di was not that easy for Goo Hye Sun, but the actress did her best to billiards on screen.

Boys Over Flowers is one of the most popular series in the world of K-Dramas, it represented the first look at South Korea for many of today’s fans, but also brought us closer to some of the biggest stars on Korean television while they were just beginning their way. Was it difficult to film this production? Goo Hye Sun revealed what challenges she faced.

This actress was in charge of the lead character, so we saw her playing Jan Di in every episode. Although this role launched her to fame and opened doors for her in entertainment, not everything was smooth in the filming.


The filming of Boys Over Flowers required all the commitment of the cast and staff members, Goo Hye Sun revealed that when they recorded the visit of the F4, Jan Di and Ga Eul to the private island, she and her boyfriend could not stay contact, but although she explained that her phone reception was not good in that area, her words were misinterpreted as a pretext to avoid it, which led to the end of their relationship.

Furthermore, Hye Sun revealed that the scene where she falls into the pool on her back and that allowed Jun Pyo to regain her memory caused her health problems. After filming this moment, she did not feel completely well but had to keep working because they had a schedule to meet to finish the episodes on time.

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Goo Hye explains the hard thing in Sun Boys Over Flowers

Shortly thereafter her discomfort worsened and she had to leave the set to go to the hospital, where she was informed that she had suffered a concussion from the fall. OMG

Despite this, the Boys Over Flowers recordings were an incredible experience for the cast, who also became close friends. Proof of this is the friendship of Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum, the protagonist of The King Eternal Monarch showed her support for Kim Bum’s latest drama by sending him a gift.


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