Goo Hara’s sibling Goo Ho In gave a report on the claim with their mom


On the May 7 scene of MBC’s “Actual Story of Exploration,” Goo Hara’s sibling Goo Ho In gave a report on the claim with their mom and talked about the result he’s seeking after.

The late vocalist’s family has been in a lawful debate after Goo Hara’s mom returned following her little girl’s demise to guarantee half of Goo Hara’s legacy, after she relinquished the two kids when they were youthful.

Goo Hara’s sibling Goo Ho In has documented a claim against his mom to demand an assessment of the legacy division that would contemplate how their mom was missing for a large portion of their lives and had surrendered parental rights and authority. Goo Hara’s dad has just given his own 50 percent portion of the legacy to Goo Hara’s sibling.

Goo Ho In had recently showed up on the “Genuine Story of Exploration” a month ago, when he stated, “I don’t feel that everybody ought to be known as a parent since they bring forth somebody. It’s extremely uncalled for that the law expresses that somebody who relinquished us and even surrendered her parental rights gets the opportunity to take the cash that my sister made.”

In the most recent scene, the makers found him again to hear his musings and get an update.

He shared that watching the show had made him miss his sister significantly more. When inquired as to whether he’d got notification from his mom since the communicate, he said that he as of late got a composed reaction from her.

“She keeps on guaranteeing that she will be taking portion of the legacy,” he said. “On the off chance that we win the claim or she surrenders [the inheritance], at that point I need to begin an establishment with the goal that we can assist individuals with enjoying single parents, single parents, and youngsters who need to become famous people however are making some hard memories.”

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Finally, Goo Ho In said to his sister in a video message, “Ha Ra. I’m extremely grieved that I couldn’t help you a ton, and I’m going to try sincerely and live enough for your offer as well. I truly miss you, and I love you a great deal.”

The creation group went to their mom’s habitation to hear her side of the story, yet the mother kept away from their scrutinizing and said she didn’t have anything to state.

Goo Ho In has required the foundation of a “Goo Hara Act” that would change legacy laws with the goal that families later on won’t experience the ill effects of a similar catastrophe that theirs is experiencing. A request for the demonstration arrived at 100,000 marks and had been submitted to the National Assembly.


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