Goo Hara’s brother will testify against her ex-boyfriend


Goo Hara’s brother will testify against her ex-boyfriend. After her death, the idol family has faced legal disputes.

Five months after her death, Goo Hara’s situation against her ex-partner has still not been resolved. Choi Jong Bum was a boyfriend of the idol, but their relationship was very stormy because he subjected her to physical abuse and tried to extort money from her.

The dispute occurred when the former soccer player sued her for assaults, but the singer argued that she did it to defend herself, since then, he has tried to deny the accusations and will face a new trial next May.

Choi Jong Bum received a lawsuit for physical assault and extortion; However, Goo Ho In will testify in favor of his sister, since he did not receive the justice he deserved, since the former soccer player received 3 years of probation when it was not verified that he filmed the intimacy of the couple without Hara knowing it.

Until now, it is unknown if Hara’s brother will present any kind of evidence or just his testimony against Goo Ho In. The emotional state of the idol was affected due to the problem with her ex-partner, because when she tried to defend herself, she was the victim of criticism and malicious comments against her after her ex-boyfriend published photos with the injuries that she supposedly did to him.


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