Gong Yoo and Taylor Swift are rumored to be dating, this is the reaction of Korean netizens


Recently, a rumor circulated that actor Gong Yoo was dating American singer, Taylor Swift. According to rumors circulating, actor Gong Yoo was caught enjoying a date with Taylor Swift in New York, United States.

Shortly after the rumors circulated, actor Gong Yoo’s agency immediately denied it, “Actor Gong Yoo did not go to New York.”

In response to these rumors, Korean netizens gave their various comments on the theqoo site:

“This is the first time I’m not surprised by dating rumors. I clicked on the article and said what the heck is this?”

“What kind of scandal is this?”

“A combination that I never imagined, hahaha,”

“He’s a goblin. Did he go to New York when he opened the door? Ha ha ha,”

“This is really ridiculous, who created this rumor?” and various other comments.