Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won: The Coincidences That Unite Their Friendship


Kang Dong Won and Gong Yoo are the kind of friends who always lean on their projects, new movie releases, dramas, or important steps in their life and because of that, they have earned a place in the hearts of their fans.

In addition to its remarkable chemical and complicity, there are things that unite the two celebrities of the K-Dramas as their sense of humor, personality, love for acting, and talent to make any character.

Another thing that unites the protagonist of Goblin and the star of Country Princess is their ability for modeling since both met before being recognized in the field of Korean entertainment, but apparently, the two repeated the story of their grandparents.


In the TMI News program, it was revealed that in 2004 Kang Dong Won had a call with his father in which he confirmed that his grandfather’s best friend was from the Gong family, due to fate the grandparents of both actors met in their childhood and became BFFs.

But if you think that the amazing coincidences in the lives of Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won are only those or they ended at that moment, wait until you know that they are also united in the family, since the brothers of the parents of both got married.

Good friends always support you in good and bad moments, but the friendship between Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won was strengthened when the actor of The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince worked on the film Peninsula, when reviewing the script he recommended his’ brother del alma ‘for their participation in the project.


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Do you also have these types of coincidences with your best friend or friend? Your chemistry with your BFFs may be just as great as Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won’s.


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