Goldman Sachs: We Seen Deep in the Markets


Goldman Sachs has released a new report on US stock markets. Experts, who have been quite pessimistic until a few weeks ago, are now making some more optimistic statements.

We saw the bottom
Goldman Sachs economists recently released a report on the drop in the S & P500 Index. Experts warned in this report that the S & P500 could fall down to 2,000.

According to CNBC’s news, Goldman Sachs reiterated his prediction and started to take a more optimistic attitude. Experts think that “bottom point is seen” in the stock markets and that the markets will start to recover after this point.

Effective Response
While Goldman Sachs expects a more drastic decline in the markets, he took a different attitude and explained that the decline in the markets stopped. So what did the experts change their minds about?

Apparently, this change of opinion resulted from the Fed’s recent decisions. The Fed has injected trillions of dollars into the economy over the past few weeks. During this period, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that they will “do whatever it takes” to help citizens and SMEs as a government.

Experts think that these steps taken by the USA will ease the economy and markets will start to recover in this way. We will see how people re-enter the market affects the cryptocurrency market.


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