Goldman Sachs CEO: We Act By The Rules In Bitcoin


Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon announced that they are looking for “ways to support” their customers who are in demand for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Referring to the legal restrictions on cryptocurrencies, the name said that they are acting “according to the rules” for now.

David Solomon spoke today on CNBC’s Squawk Box program about the bank’s plans for Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs CEO said there are “notable restrictions” in terms of regulation for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-based services.

“We find ways to support”

David Solomon announced that they can offer custody services to customers who want to enter this industry. Emphasizing the limitations of the services they can offer as a bank, the name said, “We continue to find ways to support them as requests come from our customers.” said.

On whether these regulations will change or not, Goldman Sachs CEO said, “I think the cryptocurrency industry is an evolving industry. This is an industry in which we try to respond to our customers. In the years to come, there may be a big evolution. ” said.

Goldman Sachs announced this year that it will reopen the trading desk for cryptocurrencies it has established in the past. At the end of March, it was learned that Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management customers could receive cryptocurrency services.


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