GoldenEye 007’s Return Could Be Announced in the Next Few Weeks


GoldenEye 007: The legendary GoldenEye 007, which made its name on the Nintendo 64, has a long-awaited comeback by its fans. In October of last year the speculations increased and now it looks like we will have some announcement coming in the next few weeks from Microsoft.

“I think Microsoft is going to be the company that makes the announcement first. I think the game will probably arrive soon, I’m thinking about the next two weeks.”

The above statement came from Jeff Grubb, a longtime gaming journalist who commented on what his sources have been saying behind the scenes regarding a possible return for the game.

Speculation about a possible return of GoldenEye 007 gained momentum in October of last year, when the game was “unbanned” in Germany. Fans interpreted this as setting the stage for a re-release.