Goldeneye 007 Gets Release Date for Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass


The famous groundbreaking first-person shooter Goldeneye 007 has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass.

The release of the classic game for the Nintendo 64 was confirmed last year by Rare, but no release date has been announced.

Today it was confirmed that Goldeneye 007 will appear on the Nintendo Switch on January 27 thanks to an Online Expansion Pack subscription.

On the same day, Goldeneye 007 will be available on Xbox via Xbox Game Pass.

However, although Nintendo advertised the port as an online game feature allowing players to compete with their friends over the internet, the same feature will not be available in Xbox versions.

“Xbox is pleased to introduce GoldenEye 007 for the first time in the Xbox Game Pass — an exact recreation of everyone’s favorite and iconic game,” Microsoft said in a statement.

“While we do not plan to include an online multiplayer mode in GoldenEye 007 as part of the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox is focused on bringing this game to players in the way they fondly remember, including a local multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to participate in the game. the sofa is in a battle of wit and skill.”

Rare further confirmed that the Xbox version will include “achievements, 4K resolution and a smoother frame rate — even in a local split-screen multiplayer game!”

Released in 1997, Rare’s Goldeneye 007 is considered one of the best FPS of all time. It sold over 8 million copies, making it the third best-selling N64 game of all time, ahead of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Super Smash Bros.

Earlier this week, Martin Hollis, the original director of Goldeneye 007, shared that he wants to make a new first-person shooter.

In other news, the release of The Day Before was postponed for 8 months after the developer Fntastic allegedly failed to register the name of the game as a trademark.


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