Golden Ring: Why trolls drag giant coffins across the lands between


Exploring the Intermediate Lands in the Elden Ring, players will undoubtedly notice the heavily guarded giant carts pulled by trolls. At first glance, they seem to be guarded trains with loot, which is only partially true. The player can find valuable weapons in treasure chests hidden in the back of the carriage. However, a deep dive into history shows that there is something more to these strange processions, and like many things in the Elden Ring, this is not the happiest of stories.

These wagons carry coffins, and there are thirteen of them in the game. Four are pulled by trolls chained to a cart with a spike pierced in the chest. They can be found in Limgrave, Liurnia, the Altus Plateau and the Consecrated Snowfield. Perhaps the most obvious evidence identifying them as coffins is the site of the abandoned grace coffins. Here the player finds a hill covered with these broken wagons.

The coffins are most likely heading to one of the many catacombs that can be found in the “Lands Between”, but why the chained trolls lead the convoy is a darker story. According to legend, Queen Marika of the Elden Ring waged a war against giants in the north before the game events, the last of which is the boss of the Fire Giant. The Troll’s Golden Sword hints that Marika’s victory was achieved with the help of several other factions, including a group of lesser giants, also known as Trolls, who betrayed the giants. Instead of rewarding them, Marika and her allies hunted the surviving trolls and took them as unwitting servants. This explains why chained trolls initially don’t resist when the player attacks them, as they would probably prefer death to continued oppression under the Golden Order.

Giant coffins in the lands between connect with the Elden Ring Ent

Catacombs as a convoy destination are important and serve as dungeons of the hidden world of Elden Ring. In one of these dungeons, the player can interact with a spirit that says that a proper death means returning to Airdtree. This is a significant piece of information that explains a critical but important aspect of the game: the possibility of rebirth. When Destined Death was removed from the Elden Ring, the inhabitants of The Lands Between were no longer subjected to permanent death. If someone dies, they will be resurrected again and again. However, when someone’s body or ashes are brought to the catacombs, they are likely to remain dead. This is explained by the description of the Root Resin item, which shows that the catacombs were built around roots that were once associated with Erdtree.

There are two possible explanations for whose remains are in the coffins. The Ruler’s set can be found on a corpse lying on the back seat of one of the wagons next to one of the optional Elden Ring bosses onĀ Altus Plateau, in the Abandoned Tomb of Grace. The description of the item for the set shows that this is the usual clothing worn by the lords of small nations. This may indicate that the coffins belong to lords who have passed away and are seeking final death. Another possible explanation is the coffins with the bodies of fallen soldiers in the service of the Erd Tree, who thus deserved a proper death. This is evidenced by a note called “Great Coffins”, which can be bought from a nomad trader. The coffin convoys, which most Elden Ring players think of as loot trains, are actually funeral processions for the lords of medium fame, with their withered soldiers escorting their remains to return them to Airdtree for a proper death.