Golden Ring video demonstrates the advantages of an aggressive style of play


With the time that has passed since the release of Elden Ring, more and more players have come up with optimal strategies for passing certain meetings. However, one Elden Ring fan showed that the proven method of aggression can be effectively used against almost any enemy.

This trick has been implemented by the best FromSoftware players like Let Me Solo Her, and it’s one of the few ways gamers often approach the game. If the players are not aggressive, they are likely to be defensive, fighting for a very long time and attacking briefly between several dodges. While this allows many to eventually get through the fights, this approach takes more time and forces players to dodge more than attack, which can lead to mistakes. With an aggressive style of play, health bars can be easily depleted.

Reddit user and Elden Ring player Pewgf demonstrated the benefits of constant attack, reminding viewers that they are the same bosses as the enemies, and that they should fight accordingly. Their first demonstration is against Maliket, and they put on a show to eliminate the boss in a matter of minutes. Demonstrating his confidence by playing shirtless, the player dodges attacks and immediately punishes Maliket by attacking quickly without interrupting the strikes between them. Ultimately, the goal is to hit the boss, which is what Redditor manages to do.

Aggression is the KEY. Remember that you are the same boss as the enemy, so fight the way you want. Good luck 🙂 from Eldenring

Stunning is the biggest advantage of aggressive build, as it allows players to use their most powerful attacks and restore both their health and FP. As shown in the clip, this approach works with some of the most difficult bosses in the game. Having mastered dodging and staggering to kill Maliket, the Redditor user moves on to Radagon. After being dealt with, Malenia was defeated using the same fighting style, and Morgott completed the player’s impressive display.

If gamers are fighting certain Elden Ring bosses, a little more aggression may be the solution. To show that this style works with any build, Pugf used a different weapon for each boss they fought, constantly stunning and defeating them, no matter what equipment they used. As long as players master evasion and can parry with a shield when necessary, posture violations can be combined into a chain to receive “huge damage”. Unsurprisingly, the helpful post has proven itself well on Reddit, receiving over 5,800 votes from fans of the game.

Although an aggressive style of play may not suit everyone, and some will probably prefer a more magical approach to the Elden Ring, which allows them to keep their distance, this video proves that melee is worth a try. Although it will take some practice to become as good as Pewgf, players can wipe the floor with bosses once they master this style of play.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.