Golden Ring Player’s Battle with Elden BeastBoss Ended in Grief


Elden Ring is one of the most challenging video games, featuring some of the most formidable and violent opponents in the history of gaming. Among them are more than 150 bosses, such as Maliket, the Knight of the Crucible, Margit — the Fallen Omen, the Dragon Lord Placidusax, Malenia — the Blade of Michella and many others. Some of them are anthropomorphic creatures, while others are scary beasts, such as giants and huge dragons.

Elden Beast is one of the most famous bosses of Elden Ring, as he is the last boss in the game. Despite being the last opponent in the game’s story mode, Elden Beast is not the most difficult boss of Elden Ring. Despite this, the last boss is often a serious problem for Elden Ring players.

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Not so long ago, a Reddit user under the nickname AEMarling shared a video about his unsuccessful meeting with Elden Beast. The video begins with the last boss of the Elden Ring and the player fighting each other, while the latter deals significant damage to the former. It is clearly seen that the HP scale of the Elden Beast is almost 20%, and the user strikes repeatedly. Meanwhile, AEMarling’s health bar is over 50%, and they also have two vials of crimson tears. This assumes that the user is keeping the fight under control and is going to defeat a formidable enemy.

Maybe I really don’t need to be an Elden Lord, after all, from Eldenring

However, the unexpected happened soon after, as AEMarling’s plan to defeat Elden Beast was quickly thwarted. The Ancient Beast suddenly attacks the user with a ranged magic attack that instantly depletes the user’s HP scale and kills him. It is clear that the video is titled: “Maybe I don’t need to be an Elden Lord after all.” Meanwhile, the Reddit post was well received by the community, which expressed its appreciation, gaining more than 4,400 votes and hundreds of comments. Most Reddit users noted that the user focuses on attack rather than defense, which ultimately cost them their lives. While others joked about the headline suggesting that the original poster should try to be the Viscount of Elden or the Earl of Elden, not the Lord of Elden.

Players don’t always suffer from unfavorable endings when facing the Elden Beast, as some people have mastered the technique to defeat the last boss of the Elden Ring. Not so long ago, a Reddit user under the nickname YourAverageGamer31 uploaded a video in which they defeated Radagon and the beast Elden with one blow each.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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