Golden Ring Player Sees a new enemy Attack after 300 Hours of Play


FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is a vast open—world epic filled to the brim with hordes of deadly enemies. The variety of enemies in Elden Ring has earned a lot of praise since the game’s release, and every major location offers players new creatures. Given the huge number of enemies that exist in the game, it is not surprising that some Elden Ring players are not even aware of all the attacks available to them.

This was the case with an Elden Ring fan and Reddit user Expedition20, who recently shared a clip of an enemy making an attack that they claim they have never seen in the first 300 hours of game time. In the clip, Expedition20 is outside Leyndell Royal Capital, being chased by skeletal monsters. Expedition20 is jumping around skeletons with a Torrent when suddenly one of the creatures takes a T-shaped pose, flies into the air and spews black flames.

Comments on the video suggest that many other Elden Ring players have spent a lot of time playing the game, but still see it for the first time themselves, and one claims to have achieved a “New Game +3” without ever seeing this attack. There are several theories about how this could be. Some think it’s because only these particular skeletons outside of Laindell are capable of performing this attack, while others think very few have seen them do it because the creatures die relatively quickly. In fact, most players in the Elden Ring kill these creatures before they are given the opportunity to carry out such an attack.

It’s been 300 hours, and I just found out that these things are flying. from Eldenring

Due to the incredible size of the Elden Ring, there are many other stories about fans who have made similar discoveries after having already spent considerable time in the game. For example, one player discovered that Elden Ring crystal darts can be used to force golem enemies to fight each other, making certain encounters in the game significantly easier than they would otherwise be. They claimed to have played the game for over 400 hours before they realized it.

However, sometimes these Elden Ring discoveries are more heartbreaking than exciting. In another case, a player collected runes in the Elden Ring for 55 hours in order to collect 1 billion runes. Unfortunately, they found that the game does not allow players to get 1 billion runes, a maximum of 999,999,999.

Elden Ring continues to occupy the first places in the sales charts, which means that more and more fans are starting their adventures in the Inter-Lands. It will be interesting to see what discoveries they and long-time Elden Ring players will make while continuing to play the latest version of FromSoftware.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.