Golden Ring Player Defeats Godfrey Dressed as Godric’s Soldier


Like any other FromSoftware role-playing game, Elden Ring is full of challenging bosses. From the legendary Malenia, the Blade of Michella, testing the skills of players at the end of the game, to Margit, the Fallen Omen, who makes sure that the Tarnished one is sufficiently pumped before taking on Stormvale Castle, there are many difficult enemies to defeat in order to achieve the title of Elden Lord. One of the last issues the player has to face in the main story of Elden Ring is Godfrey, the First Lord of Elden, who does not allow Tarnished to enter Erdtree.

While Godfrey is a major challenge for any Elden Ring player, one fan has committed to increasing the difficulty of the fight by dressing up as a mini-boss of Godric’s Soldiers. Godric’s Soldier has become a meme in the Elden Ring community, and many praise the nonexistent complexity of the boss. However, one Elden Ring player, known as Elmis66 on Reddit, sought to prove that Soldier Godric should be feared by defeating each of the game’s bosses by donning the equipment of a weak opponent.

The last challenge of Elmis66 is Godfrey, the First Lord of the Elden. While Godfrey can be fought twice in the Elden Ring, his appearance in the Ashen Capital, where he is undoubtedly stronger, with more destructive attacks and another phase that occurs after his health drops to about half. However, Elmis66 makes the boss battle relatively easy as they skillfully dodge almost all of Godfrey’s attacks, taking small chunks of the boss’ health anytime they can with the help of Godric’s rather weak Soldier sword.

[Part 48] Godfrey, the First Lord of the Elden, was the last barrier between God’s Soldier, Rick, and the truth inside the burning Erdtry. A duel of champions, a fight that will be remembered for many generations. People felt their blows in the lowest parts of the Laindell. from Eldenring

This fight with Godfrey marks the 48th part of Elmis’s journey as a soldier of Godric. From other user messages, it follows that this is a test in which Elmis66 must wear armor and use the equipment of the training mini-boss Elden Ring. Elmis66 is not the only person who has defeated the difficult bosses of the Elden Ring in the role of the famous soldier Godric. Earlier, another fan of the game fought Malenia as a Soldier of Godric, defeating her, leaving only a little health.

In addition to wearing the equipment of a weak mini-boss, there are many other challenges in the Elden Ring that players can pass. Having won the game, many set themselves additional tasks to increase the complexity of the battles that they already know and have mastered. In one of the most popular trials of the Elden Ring, players pass the game as a first-level scoundrel, having only a starting club.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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