Golden Ring fan adds Alexander to random movie scenes every day until DLC is announced


While Elden Ring continues to be a success, topping the sales charts month after month, some fans are ready to see what happens next with FromSoftware’s biggest game to date. Ahead of the potential expansion, one fan has committed to adding Iron Fist Alexander, the fan-favorite Elden Ring character, to the movie scene every day until the DLC is announced.

Five months after its release, Elden Ring still dominates gaming conversations. The massive FromSoftware role-playing game is already considered by some to be the game of the year, even though the industry is moving towards releasing some of the biggest games this year. However, at the moment, many fans of Elden Ring would like to see how FromSoftware intends to expand the game in the form of DLC. It is known that the Souls and Bloodborne games have extensive and high-quality DLC packages that take the player to new locations and introduce them to some of the best bosses of the franchise. An obvious leak claims that the DLC for Elden Ring will appear sometime next year, but the validity of these claims is still in question.

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Fans’ expectations of the Elden Ring DLC are high, as is the hype around it. Preparing for the DLC announcement, a Reddit user under the nickname freetrolley42 has committed to photoshopping Alexander the Iron Fist into random movie scenes every day until it happens. The first post depicts Alexander from the movie “Forrest Gump” standing next to Forrest during the iconic scene where the character reaches the Santa Monica Pier and turns around to continue his legendary marathon. Freetrolley42 is currently on the second day, having photoshopped Alexander to the opening scene, Jay and Silent Bob strike back, Alexander takes Silent Bob’s place.

1 day/??? adding Alexander to movie scenes until Eldenring announces the Elden Ring DLC

Day 2/???? adding Alexander to movie scenes until Eldenring announces the Elden Ring DLC

It seems that the Elden Ring community has found a lot of joy in freetrolley42’s photoshop antics. The first day’s post has now garnered more than 22,000 votes, but many are wondering how long these posts can last. FromSoftware probably has a lot to think about when creating DLC for Elden Ring, and the company has not announced its intention to make an extension. Moreover, not every game in the From catalog has always received DLC. Freetrolley42 may have a lot of photoshop in the future.

Interestingly, the post-format of photoshopping something related to games into a movie scene is not new for these gaming communities. During this year, a fan in the Steam Deck subreddit photoshopped one of Valve’s laptop PCs into a movie scene every day until they were purchased at quarter past two. These posts lasted 77 days, and the Steam Deck could be seen in movies ranging from modern hits like “The Avengers” to older movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” It is not yet known how long the Elden Ring community will place Alexander in new interesting places.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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