Golden Ring Co-Op Partner Crashes During Battle With Fire Giant


The player shares a clip from a joint game in the Elden Ring, demonstrating a strange glitch, due to which a Host of Fingers clumsily slides up the Mountain Peaks of Giants. The result is a surreal image that shows exactly how strange failures in the Elden Ring can be, especially when combined with the strange effects that occur due to poor network connectivity in a multiplayer game.

Originally posted on the Elden Ring subreddit by Reddit user RancidHummus, the video shows a short excerpt from their multiplayer game where some basic aspects of the gameplay stop working fine. The absurdity of the clip itself also attracted the attention of viewers who shared their similar impressions of the multiplayer game Elden Ring or composed comical stories to explain the strange movements.

At the beginning of the video, the summoned player is shown trying to fight the Fire Giant boss in the Elden Ring, but their attacks don’t seem to affect the enemy’s massive health bar. After fiercely hitting the boss, the player then turns his attention to the host who summoned him in the first place, who can be seen spinning as they travel through the snow-covered arena. Not only does the host rotate rapidly, but his avatar does not seem to express any animations, such as in-depth walking, running or attacking movements that usually drag the character around the room.

Are you good??? from Eldenring

This is a strange sight, which, according to most viewers, is caused by a poor multiplayer connection, because of which no animation of the main player is displayed. This also explains why the summoned player cannot attack the Fire Giant in any meaningful way, since network errors in the Elden Ring often make it impossible to interact with the host’s world.

Network connection issues can often be frustrating in the Elden Ring, especially if the boss battle was otherwise going well enough before disconnecting. However, sometimes as a result of these connection problems, your own entertainment may arise, for example, when the host spins wildly and clumsily climbs the peaks of giant mountains. In this case, this clip makes the best of an unfortunate situation and shows a hilarious picture that many fans will eventually see when immersed in the multiplayer game Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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