Golden Ring: all the knowledge related to the furious flame


The Intermediate Lands in the Elden Ring may seem abandoned by any gods, but the truth is that there are External Gods who influence what they can. The most famous of them is the Great Will, which long ago seized the Intermediate Lands with Marika as the deputy ruler. However, there are other, less well-known External Gods that have little influence.

In addition to the Great Will, there is a Formless Mother, a God of Scarlet Rot and a Raging Flame. Among them, the Furious Flame is special because it is one of the Outer Gods with whom the tarnished ones can enter into an alliance. He opens the ending of “Lord of the Furious Flame”. What is known and revealed by fans about this External God is quite fascinating, because it seems that it is in direct contradiction with the Great Will.

The origin of the Furious Flame

The Frenzied Flame is much less present than the Great Will, but it certainly has an impact on the Intermediate Lands. While the Great Will establishes law and order, the Frenzied Flame is chaos and madness. While this is the opposite of the Great Will, although the two External Gods seem to be connected. The Supreme Will uses Two Fingers to spread its will, while the Frenzied Flame uses Three Fingers. Together, this makes up a full hand of five fingers.

Because of this commonality, there is a widespread theory that the Great Will and the Furious Flame were once one External God who split into two parts. It was long before any of these Outer Gods came to the Intermediate Lands. The Hittites have a quote that hints that this theory may be true, as she says, “Everything that exists came from the One Great One.” As for when the Raging Flame came to the Interlands, there is one item description that talks about it. The spell “Howl of Shabriri” says that “the disease of the flame of madness began with Shabriri, the most hated person in all history.”

Shabriri and the furious flame

It is believed that Shabriri could have been the first person to be affected by the Raging Flames. In a talisman called Mount Shabriri, it is mentioned that Shabriri was a man whose eyes were gouged out and a furious flame entered his eyes. Since then, Shabriri has become a distributor of the influence of the Furious Flame. He does this even after death, because he can manifest himself in corpses like Yura.

Being in the body of Yura, Shabriri tries to convince the Tarnished Ones to accept the Furious Flame, Three fingers of which are under the capital. Some fans believe that Three Fingers were sharpened there by a Great Will. It is also proven that Tarnished was not the first person Shabriri tried to convince. There is another man named Waik, who was a tarnished invader who followed Shabriri’s advice and, as described, was scorched by the Flames of Rabies. He was close to becoming the Oldest Lord, but instead ventured down under the capital to be marked with Three Fingers to save his Finger Maiden.

In fact, Weik is located in the Inter-Earth region, which is completely dedicated to the Furious Flame. This is a small village in the northern part of Liurnia, and all its inhabitants have gone mad, succumbing to the Frenzied Flames. There is a tower in the village that can also bring madness to anyone passing by. Some fans believe that Shabriri founded the village or was the first to have a hand in the construction of the tower, and all the residents are victims who passed by.

In connection with merchants

Some content related to Frenzied Flame has been removed. Hints of this are still present in the Elden Ring; if the player listens to Shabriri and goes under the capital, he will find a ton of corpses of merchants and a couple of survivors playing their stringed instruments. Another reference to the Raging Flames and Merchants is found in the description of the nomadic merchant’s decoration, which states that many merchants once lived as a Great Caravan, but all were buried alive because of their heretical beliefs. Underground, they caused a Flame of Rage.

The cut-out content, which would have given more explanation of Mad Flame’s connection with the merchants, was actually a quest that Merchant Cale was supposed to give. The content mentions the Great Caravan, and Cale wants to know what happened to it. The player could help Kala find out what happened to them. It is unknown why this quest was cut from the game, although it might have caused some confusion regarding the origin of the Raging Flame, whether it was the curse of the merchants or the Shabriri first.

The ultimate goal of the Furious Flame

The furious Flame wants to destroy the Intermediate Lands and sow chaos. He appreciates the return of the world to its original state and the elimination of the influence of the Great Will. He also wants to corrupt people in order to serve his desires.