Golden Ring: All mountain peaks of Giants, bosses, locations and drops


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One of the best aspects of Elden Ring is the boss fights and attention to their themes. Yes, some bosses are used again later to fill the huge open world of the game. But this doesn’t take away the excitement of every boss encounter, especially if it happens in the endgame, when players are fully prepared and can experience that nostalgic feeling of fighting the same boss, which at some point was painful to deal with.

Among the Elden Ring endgame areas filled with reusable bosses, Mountaintops of the Giants is a great example. There are 26 bosses full of runes and drops at the corners of these mountains.

Bosses of the Forbidden Lands in Elden Ring

There are only two bosses in the Forbidden Lands, as it is a tiny map that connects Leindell to the Mountain Peaks of the Giants. Players must pass through the Forbidden Lands for the first time when they want to reach the snowy mountains.

Night Cavalry

The Cavalry of the Night is scattered around the Elden Ring. Nine of them, to be exact. They only appear at night, and this boss is no different. Players may find him wandering at night along the road leading to Rold’s Grand Elevator.

By hunting this cavalry, players will receive Ash of War: Phantom Slash and 36,000 runes.

The kindred of the Black Blade

Black Blade Kindred is an optional boss in the open world guarding the path to the Grand Lift of Rold. By defeating this Kinsman of the Black Blade, players will receive 60,000 runes along with his weapon, the Black Gargoyle Axe and the Black Gargoyle Blades.

Bosses Of East Mountaintops Of The Giants in Elden Ring

The Eastern Peaks of the Giants is the main area that players must reach in order to continue the main quest of the Elden Ring. There are 12 bosses in this area, including the Fire Giant.

The ancient hero of Zamora

One of the Ancient Heroes of Zamora is the boss of the Grave of the Giant Conqueror Hero in Elden Ring. This is an optional boss, after defeating which Zamor’s curved sword, a set of Zamor’s armor and 83,000 runes fall out.

Ulcerated Wood Spirit

Many Elden Ring bosses are used again in different locations. This Ulcerated Tree Spirit can be found in the Catacombs at the Top of the Giant. Killing this tree spirit rewards players with the Bell Bearing of the Glover Collector (2), a Golden Seed and 48,000 Runes.

Knight Waik Round Table

Vayk can be found twice, the first time in Lake Liurnia, and the second time as the boss of Evergaol. At the top of the mountain of Giants, Wyke is located in the Lord Pretender’s Evergaol, northeast of Whiteridge Road, in the place of lost grace. For killing the boss, players receive a dragon’s arrow, a set of fingerprints and 78,000 runes.

The Divine Apostle and the Divine Noble

Although the real boss is the Spirit Summoner’s snail, which can be found in the Spirit Summoner’s cave, this time the snail does not appear until both god-skins are defeated.

So the real bosses of this meeting are the Godskins. Defeating three bosses gives players 70,000 runes, a talisman made of divine skin and a ritual spell of black flame.

Borealis, Ice Fog

In the far east of the Giant’s Peak, east of the Freezing Lake of Lost Grace, Borealis, the Icy Mist, lives. Players can defeat an optional dragon boss to get his Dragon Heart and 100,000 Runes.

Erdtry Avatar

The Erdtri avatars guard the Small Erdtri in the Elden Ring. At the Top of the Giants, the Small Erdtri is located to the northeast of the campfire, the ancient ruins of the Snowy Valley. After destroying the Erdtri avatar, players will receive an Azure Crystal Tear, a Crimson Bubble Tear and 70,000 Runes.

Tibia Mariner

At the top of the Mountain of Giants, this Tibia Sailor is located south of the Main Gate of Sol Castle. Like all other Tibia Sailors, the Root of Death in Defeat also falls out of this. In addition, players will receive a Helfen Spire and 4,000 runes.

The Ceremonial Bird of Death

Unlike most death rite birds, this boss does not appear only at night. Players can find it at any point in the game. The boss is accessible to the west of the main gate of Sol Castle, 77,000 runes and the ritual spear of death fall from it.

Commander Niall

Now Commander Niall is the only boss in Sol Castle. It’s not an easy battle, but when Commander Niall is defeated, players will receive 90,000 runes and a veteran prosthesis.

Fire Giant

Unlike all bosses in the Top of the Giants, the Fire Giant is the main boss in the Elden Ring.

Players can find this boss east of the foot of the forge, the place of lost grace, and must kill him to get to the forge of the giants. Players will also receive a Fire Giant memory and 180,000 runes.