Golden Ring: 8 great Armor sets for Early Play


Elden Ring players have access to hundreds of different sets of armor, weapons and skills. They are often focused on different styles of play and have unique characteristics that can help strengthen a player’s attacking or defensive abilities. These pieces of armor can be found in the Inter-Lands in the form of a drop from mobs or in chests.

The early game is often the most difficult stage in FromSoft games, as players have to learn mechanics and deal with complex mobs without having decent armor or weapons. There are certain pieces of armor that Elden Ring players should strive to get as quickly as possible to simplify early play, and it will also be helpful for them to read these tips for beginners to help them get started in this challenging gameplay.

Updated by Eric Petrovich on September 10, 2022: The availability of Elden Ring armor sets for the early game varies greatly, at least in terms of the difficulty of acquiring them. Some of them, such as a Knight’s Set, can be bought by anyone without restrictions. Others, such as the scaly armor set, are good early Elden Ring armor sets only if players put on horse blinders to get to a certain place (in this case, the estate on the volcano). Be sure to check out how you can get each of these early Elden Ring armors, as some of them can only be found after completing several tasks. Some of the armor sets listed here can actually be found quite late in the game, like Lionel’s set, but they still work wonders in the early parts of New Game Plus.

8 Knight’s Set

The Knight’s Kit is an early game armor that Elden Ring makes available to all players as soon as they reach the Round Table. In the hallway to the left of the balcony, just a stone’s throw from Gideon Ofnir’s office, players can meet Twin Maiden Husks, a stationary NPC who sells basic items. They adopt bell-shaped bearings to increase and expand their stocks, but you don’t need bell-shaped bearings to get the best armor for the early game that Elden Ring offers to every tarnished one.

The whole set will cost you several thousand runes — helmet, greaves and gloves cost 3000 each, and armor — 4500, a total of 13500 runes to buy all four. If you can afford to buy only one piece, choose armor, as it provides better protection than other parts of the knight’s set. In addition, it’s not a bad appearance, despite the fact that it’s very simple.

7 Set of scaly armor

A set of scaly armor can not be found as early as a set of knights, in fact, the only way to get it is to complete the quest chain in Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor. Although for most players this usually happens around the middle of the game, completing a short string of Ria quests in central Liurnia can help you get there faster. After receiving her necklace, Ria will meet the Tarnished Ones at the entrance to the Altus Plateau and teleport them directly to the Volcano Estate. Here you can start the quest, and a set of Scaly Armor will be rewarded for killing the first target.

Found northeast of the ruins at the gate, next to the colosseum structure, players will find an invasion sign for the Old Knight Istvan. Killing this NPC simultaneously advances the Volcano Manor quest line and rewards his entire set. This is true for every Volcano Manor goal — if a player kills his mark, he gets his clothes. The Scaly Armor set has some of the highest defensive characteristics among all heavy sets, but don’t forget to plan your route to get this Elden Ring armor set as early as possible.

6 Vulgar militia

A set of “Vulgar Militia” can be obtained quite early in the game from the Third Church of Marika. While this is definitely not the best set of armor for an early Elden Ring game, this set prioritizes immunity bonuses, which can be really useful for avoiding poison damage against the most annoying Elden Ring enemies.

Players must purchase this set if they want to explore the world before going through the plot. There are many better armor sets to replace the Vulgar Militia set with whenever possible.

5 Lionel’s Armor

Lionel’s armor can be found near the Place of Grace in the Lower Metropolitan Church in Leindell. The trunk will be on the bed. It has 99 reliability, which can be very useful for new players when they are just starting out. Players can get here right away, but keep in mind that there will be many different scavenger mobs on the way to the place, unless the player uses Elden Ring mods to simplify the process.

Lionel’s armor set has a pretty decent initial protection against physical damage, especially from slashing and piercing damage. As with most early armor sets, the player should replace this set with a better one as soon as possible—especially one less heavy than this one.

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