Golden Nintendo Wii Made for The Queen of England Goes Up For Auction

Nintendo Wii: A unique and special edition of the Nintendo Wii console with an outer layer of 24 carat gold has been put up for auction on eBay.

The owner of the device is the collector Donny Fillerup, one of those responsible for the Console Variations website, and the initial asking price is US $ 300 thousand – about R $ 1.63 million in direct currency conversion. It is possible to buy the model immediately or make an offer to the seller, who lives in the Netherlands and has at least committed to bear most of the freight.

According to the description of the item in the store, the console is functioning normally from the 3.2E firmware, with “THQ” being the only registered user. There are no marks of use, although the bottom part of the control (which is also gold) shows some wear.

Those who buy the product also have a replica of a small cushion in red that is part of the original marketing of the edition.

The golden Wii saga

The golden model of the Nintendo console has a very curious history: it was originally a gift to Queen Elizabeth II of England. However, he never came into the hands of the monarch.

The model was customized by developer THQ in 2009 as a marketing action for the game Big Family Games, a collection of games and challenges to be played by multiple players. Advertising involved ordering a Wii with a golden layer and giving it to one of the most traditional families in the world – the British Royal Family.

The island’s path is not known after being sent to Buckingham Palace, but Elizabeth II never came to accept the gift. It probably circulated through the hands of collectors until it arrived at Donny, who acquired the model in 2017.

He kept the purchase a secret until 2019, when the staff of the People Make Games channel investigated the whereabouts of the special edition and discovered the owner, who confirmed the story.

According to Donny, who was interviewed on the website he helps to maintain, the goal is to “move forward” with his own life and move to his own home, in addition to finding more time for himself besides his daily job and website, which he keeps it as a hobby.

As of the time of publication of this article, no offer has been made for it on eBay.



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