Golden Light of Rose is a first—person shooter in the genre of retro horror with a cooperative game


After more than a year of early access campaign, a super-strange Survival Horror game in the roguelite Golden Light genre debuted on Steam in early 2022. its uncompromisingly unique mechanics and one-of-a-kind approach to horror storytelling. Now that the full game is available, the independent developer seems to have turned his attention to other projects, one of which is a prequel called Golden Light of Rose.

The newly added Steam list for Golden Light of Rose makes it very similar to the original; players will delve into the grotesque maze known as The Gut and collect weapons, keys and friendly familiars, tracking down hordes of terrible meat-eating looters. It’s a surreal endeavor that constantly distorts the generally accepted rules of game design and has something in common with other weird indie games like Inscryption.

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Of course, as in the original, Golden Light of Rose advertises a unique cooperative mode. While most co-op games like It Takes Two or Cuphead focus on camaraderie and friendship, the upcoming Golden Light prequel is likely to be more of an exploration of a general penchant for masochism. Sharing scarce resources between two players and arguing over who will eat a card or an empty revolver to restore health creates some particularly terrible game scenarios.

Screenshot from the upcoming indie bagel Golden Light of Rose.

As outstanding as the original “Golden Light” was, the announcement of a sequel so early after its release—or indeed any sequel at all—came as some surprise. Mr. Pink is primarily known for his unserialized works, which fit well into any collaboration on the Dread X Collection — and, indeed, he contributed the game to the Dread X Collection: The Hunt of 2021. However, the avant-garde nature and ambiguous history of “Golden Light” make it a strange candidate for a sequel. Golden Light of Rose will tell the story of the main character, who was an important figure in the first game, but there should be relatively few players who managed to unravel all the intricacies of the narrative and fully appreciate the new Golden Light story.

Nevertheless, cooperative horror rogues remain very rare, even in an era completely saturated with procedurally generated experiences of eternal death. Golden Light and its upcoming prequel will occupy this strange niche along with Returnal and its new co-op mode, but overall it could be an important part of a promising gaming subgenre.