Golden Axed programmer is against its publication


The canceled Golden Ax reboot is due out on Steam to mark Sega’s 60th anniversary, but some of its original team disagrees with the decision.

Today we woke up with the news that, to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Sega was going to launch on Steam (and only for 24 hours) a prototype of the canceled Golden Ax reboot, called Golden Axed. A movement for which they claimed to have “communicated with some of the members of the original development team”, who, always in the words of Sega itself, “are proud that this project can be revived in some way to share it with the fans” . Well, it seems that the hedgehog company has not spoken with everyone involved … and that not everyone is okay with it. The game’s programmer, Tim Dawson, has written a thread on his social networks in which he assures that he is not the only member of the team surprised by Sega’s decision and denounces that there was crunch at Sega Studios Australia during the development of the game.

Dawson assures that Golden Axed was his personal nightmare and that of course he feels “a little strange” (to put it mildly) to see it reappear eight years later, without crediting its creators and with jokes from Sega as to its quality. On the Steam page where the prototype will be posted, the company describes it like this: “It can be crazy, it can have bugs and it may be an artifact of its time, but it offers a unique vision of what the project could have been and a rare behind-the-scenes look at what can sometimes be the tumultuous world of game development. ”

In his thread, Dawson assures that he worked 7 days a week for more than 14 hours a day and comments that if the development was tumultuous it was precisely because of Sega and the lead designer they put in charge, who constantly changed his mind. One day he wanted a new vision of Golden Ax and the next he was looking for something akin to God of War. All this in the middle of emails written at dawn and chases to talk about the revelations he had had on the train, on the way to work.


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