Gold plated PlayStation 5 prices revealed


Gold plated PS5 pre order prices have emerged, although we have not yet heard of official pricing for Sony’s next-generation game console PlayStation 5. The price of the PS5, of which we have had many details so far, is still a mystery.

Gold plated PlayStation 5 prices revealed

It is known that the next generation PlayStation will have hardware features, design, controller, games and two different device types, but there is an uncertainty as to why Sony is not announcing the prices.

altın kaplama playstation 5 fiyatları

A company named Truly Exquisite provided information on the only subject that those waiting for PS5 did not know, in a somewhat expensive method. The company, which will start taking PlayStation 5 pre-orders from September 10, announced the prices of the gold-plated PlayStation 5. Accordingly, the prices are as follows:

– 24K Gold Digital PlayStation 5: £ 7,999

– 18K Rose Gold Digital PlayStation 5: £ 8,099

– Platinium Digital PlayStation 5: £ 8,199

– 24K Gold Disc PlayStation 5: £ 8,099

– 18K Rose Gold Disc PlayStation 5: £ 8.1999

– Platinium Disc PlayStation 5: £ 8,299

PlayStation 5 controller: £ 649

PlayStation 5 headset: £ 399

According to the company’s statement, these products were limited to 250 units. The price of one package includes 1 PS5 console, 2 DualSense controllers and 1 3D Pulse headset.


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