This Gold Mine Is Closed From The Coronavirus Face


The number of Kovid-19 cases worldwide continues to increase every day. Although the number of cases in China, the origin of the virus, has decreased significantly, other countries continue to combat this virus.

During this period, many companies switched to remote working models, shops shuttered, production facilities were quarantined for a while. And this epidemic has now begun to affect gold mines.

Mine Closed
In the article we shared the other day, we mentioned that many gold refineries around the world have been closed due to coronavirus. Now the gold mines have started to close due to quarantine.

SSR Mining, a Canadian-based mining company, has joined the companies affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Operating in North and South America today, SSR Mining has decided to temporarily cease its activities in the North Saskatchewan region of Canada.

According to sources like CBC, no Kovid-19 incidents were found in the company’s gold mine in Saskatchewan. However, the company will keep activities in the mine closed until 30 April for preventive purposes. SSR Mining CEO Paul Benson says the following about this decision:

“Our highest priority in these challenging times is the health of our employees. We stopped activities at Seabee because it is in the countryside and transportation from Saskatchewan is difficult. ”

Affects Everyone
The coronavirus outbreak continues to adversely affect gold miners, crypto miners and many more companies. It is not possible to know exactly when and how this epidemic will be controlled.

According to some economists, we will continue to feel the economic effects of this outbreak for a while. The CEO of Pantera Capital recently spoke about this and said that the global economy will remain under pressure for a few more months.


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