Goku & Vegeta’s Ultraforms Are What Super Saiyan God Was Supposed To Be


In Dragon Ball Super, few forms are as strong as Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego. While Dragon Ball is known for its transformations, the latter two are more than just powerful upgrades like Super Saiyan God, they are a reflection of the characters of Goku and Vegeta, which show how much the two Saiyan have grown.

The first premiere in the movie about the reboot of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, Super Saiyan God was supposed to be the pinnacle of Saiyan power. In the film and in its subsequent manga and TV adaptations, the form is initially achieved through a ritual in which five Saiyans channel their power to the sixth. The ritual was a solid addition to the typical Dragon Pearl transformation formula. Instead of a new form representing Goku’s hard work and dedication to training, Super Saiyan God represented the family that Goku had built. There is a reason why the fifth Saiyan was Goku’s unborn granddaughter, Pan. Unfortunately, although the ritual is an interesting addition, it is the only interesting aspect of the form, as it is basically just an increase in strength. Even the ritual part, apparently, is not needed, since Vegeta unlocked the form during training. Although it may have taken some time, Dragon Ball Super eventually introduced forms that are not only more powerful than Super Saiyan God, but also more interesting.

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During Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta actively train with the God of Destruction Berus and his Angel Vis. The culmination of their training is two new powerful forms that are perfect for two fighters. Goku learns Ultra-instinct from Vis. In addition to increasing the overall strength, the improved form allows Goku to anticipate his enemy’s actions without hesitation. On the other hand, this is the most powerful form of Vegeta, the Ultra Ego, which he learns from Berus. With the help of Ultra Ego, Vegeta can absorb attacks and turn them into fuel, making him more and more deadly as his thirst for battle increases. Far from just increasing the power, the two ultraforms are so special that they are much more personalized.

While none of this should suggest that previous forms like Super Saiyan God are necessarily bad, they are simply no good compared to the full package offered by Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego. Goku and Vegeta are such beloved characters for a reason, and Dragon Ball Super’s biggest decision was to give them two shapes that matched their strengths.