Goku & Vegeta’s fusion actually makes Them weaker, not Stronger


While Dragon Pearl merges are a quick way to give Goku and Vegeta a quick power boost during battle, as it combines their power levels and turns them into a perfect blend of fierce Saiyan power, these techniques have the worst possible weakness that actually holds them back. the ability to make them weaker, not stronger.

Goku and Vegeta have two main ways of merging in the Dragon Pearl myths: the Potara Earrings and the Fusion Dance. Potara earrings are earrings worn by the Supreme Kais, the gods of the Dragon Ball universe. When two mortals wear the same earring on opposite ears, they merge into one being for one hour before separating again – when Goku and Vegeta do this, they become a being known as Vegito. The fusion dance does not require any mystical tools or artifacts to merge, but it is also a little more difficult to achieve, since two fighters who want to merge must perfectly perform the dance technique, while their ki perfectly match, and this fusion lasts only thirty minutes. – a fusion that turns Vegeta and Goku into Gogeta.

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In Chapter 23 of Dragon Ball Super, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro Goku and Vegeta use the Potara earrings to become Vegito to fight the extremely powerful immortal god Zamasu. Zamasu wished for the Super Dragon Balls to achieve immortality, and used his power to destroy the world of Future Trunks in order to eradicate all mortal life in the entire multiverse. In a last-ditch attempt to stop him, Vegeta and Goku merge, and once they become Vegito, they don’t hold back their combined strength in an incredible attempt to match Zamasu’s strength and destroy him as quickly as possible without taking their eyes off him. their hourly time limit. However, due to the amount of energy Vegito was using, this hour was interrupted, and Goku and Vegeta’s fusion lasted only a few minutes, which left them in a weakened state after they split up, and gave Zamas a huge advantage over them.

While Vegeta and Goku only used the Potara Earring fusion during the battle with Zamasu, Dance Fusion has the same weakness, making the whole fusion practice almost useless. Merges are good for a quick release of energy as a last resort, for example, when Goku and Vegeta needed to become a Gogeta to finish off Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. However, if they encounter someone like Zamasu who cannot be destroyed by multiple superpowered attacks, then it would be better to keep attacking one at a time while the other was conserving his energy than to use everything they had. once.

Goku and Vegeta’s power levels have grown exponentially since their appearance in earlier Dragon Ball stories, and their fusion—especially when their fusion involves the forms of a Super Saiyan God—is insanely powerful and has proven to be almost unsurpassed. some of their strongest opponents, such as Janemba or Broly. At the same time, Goku and Vegeta are not actually allowed to do their best while they are fused, for fear of shortening their time and using their energy incredibly quickly, which proves that Goku and Vegeta’s mergers with Dragon Pearls can actually make them weaker. not stronger.