Goku and Vegeta ask you to stay home! Freeza too !?


Mario Castañeda, Rene García and Gerardo Reyero, the official voices of Goku, Vegeta and Frieza in Latin America do their part to insist people stay home, in order to avoid the risk of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

With emotional messages, we can see how the voice actors unite, explaining how to avoid the spread of the fearsome coronavirus!

Rene García with his beautiful message using Vegeta’s voice explains how contagions are still increasing due to the poor health of the Coronavirus, likewise Mario Castañeda explains that we have to unite and protect our own.

Frieza the Emperor of Evil, or better known as Gerardo Reyero, gives us a message threatening the coronavirus telling him that he is the only baddest evil in the entire universe and that he will not be able to defeat human beings.

We hope that everyone will take shelter in their homes and take their precautionary measures in order to overcome this pandemic contingency.

The Coronavirus will not stop us! EVERYONE WASH YOUR HANDS!


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