But where are you going with that? Look at the latest model of Georgina Rodriguez


Georgina Rodríguez has done it again, leaving her more than 3 million followers open-mouthed seems to be something that the model has become fond of.

If you look at their latest publications, each one has less fabric than the previous one. Of course, with all the money that this woman has together with that of her partner, Cristiano Ronaldo, she could already select clothes with some more glamor.

Lately he has fallen into the mania of teaching much more about the account, and it is not that this is precisely adequate for his social status. The answer to why Georgina has become so friendly to teach is found in her social networks.

It seems that the influencer has been hooked on sport, although that is not something new. Most of the women who dedicate themselves to the art of making a living teaching their anatomy have an exercise routine, which makes you laugh at those of any professional athlete.

Days ago, another of the girls of the moment, Sara Corrales, made known on Instagram what she does every day, and the time spent on it. Now you understand the body you spend.


Rodriguez is a claim for the brands his cache has skyrocketed, he does not reach his partner, but time to time. And that images like the last one that has been seen in Argentina does not help her at all.

Geo was about to watch a game of Cristiano Ronaldo and got comfortable on the sofa in his house, but what is he wearing on his feet? Heels ?, but how can he wear sportswear with elegant shoes

But let’s see, who comes up with?

One thing is that you are hooked to the sport and another is that, that is already happening!


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