GOG Gives Customers the chance to return within 30 days


GOG, known for its free or high-discount games, leads a generous innovation. The digital game sales site gives its customers the right to return their purchased games within 30 days.

Video games can cause return problems, especially if taken from virtual platforms. It is known how physical game copies that are a bit more beneficial in this regard are harmful to the environment. GOG, a digital video game sales site, ends this problem with the terms it has just updated.

The site with the ‘Good Old Games’ extension offers a peaceful remedy to the users who regret the game they bought. Changing the return policy, GOG now gives its customers a long return period. The site, which provides the return of the games within the specified time, of course does not validate this opportunity in gifts and DLC packages sent from someone else.

Possibility to return within 30 days
GOG customers can now return that game to the site within 30 days of receiving a game. GOG says that the refusal of return requests will only occur due to an action that will break the heart of the game developers who have revealed their presence for the games. What this means is not yet fully resolved. However, we think that breaking comments against the game may cause the right to return.

30 days is quite a long time to play a game or not. No limit on the number of refunds gives players the chance to return the games they bored easily in a few days. At the same time, how many hours you have played the game does not affect your right to return.

Generous possibilities can be abused
In fact, this policy development is not a first among digital game sales platforms. Steam and Epic Games allow games to be returned within 15 for any reason. But such a generous offer is not available on any platform. The reason for this is likely to be the players who could abuse the possibilities. We guess there will be a lot of players who take it back to try and get back to play many games to try, but we don’t know how GOG will prevent this.


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