GOG distributes PC games for free


Despite the fact that CD Projekt RED does not have such an influential presence and authority as Steam, novelty and an impressive advertising budget as Epic Games Store, the good old CD Projekt RED games are still moving forward, going about their business. Namely, the peculiarity of GOG is that it is a platform for games without DRM, which makes it ideal for indie and small projects in particular.

This approach to selling games is not at all suitable for the good old games, as, of course, it would be forcing DRM and appeasing publishers, but the platform still holds all sorts of sales and sweepstakes almost around the clock. In fact, his latest promotion is particularly exciting, as GOG is now giving away Dex, a highly regarded cyberpunk role-playing game that first launched a few years ago.

As with the distribution of GOG Postal 2 on PC, platform users can get Dex absolutely for free, and then proceed to download a copy of the game without DRM. It is worth noting that interested gamers have about two more days to get their copies. The side-scrolling Dex role-playing game puts players in the shoes of a newly recruited resistance fighter working to destroy a dangerous super-corporation, and draws inspiration from games such as Deus Ex and Blade Runner.

Long—time users of the platform know that Dex is just a novelty in a long series of GOG games for PC, and one of the highlights of last year was the horror classics “I don’t have a mouth” and “I have to scream.” Earlier in 2021, GOG also gave away the beloved indie game Dagon, highlighting the fact that gamers interested in legally obtaining DRM-free games without having to pay for them may want to keep an eye on future promotions of this kind, as there is almost certainly going to be more free gifts in the future.

It is also worth noting that GOG often expands its catalog of classic games, reintroducing old and forgotten classic games to the market. What is especially important and noteworthy is that GOG often works with developers to bring their games into working order for modern PCs, which can be a huge boon for games released, say, in the late 1990s and early noughties.

Those who have not had much experience with GOG may be skeptical about the service, since it does not get into the spotlight as often as some of the most popular game launch programs and trading platforms. At the same time, Good Old Games is a subsidiary of CD Projekt RED, developers of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, and the GOG store provides a wonderful 1% return rate, which should speak about the quality of this service and how customer-centric it really is.

Dex is now available on PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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