Godzilla: Why Kong Species left their home in the Hollow Earth


Thousands of years ago, the Kong race abandoned its original home, which was the world of Godzilla vs. Kong Hollow Earth. The trip down confirmed Dr. Andrews’ theories about the true origin of the Congas and their true origins. Now it became clear that his ancestors lived in the Hollow Earth even before they were on Skull Island.

Godzilla vs. Kong’s confirmation of Kong’s ties to the Hollow Earth changed the rules of the game for MonsterVerse, as it eventually led to a big change in the status quo for his character. After defeating Mechagodzilla, people moved Kong to his ancestral home. Skull Island is now uninhabited, but all is not lost, especially since Kong can now thrive in an ecosystem that was once home to an entire Kong tribe. And since Godzilla lives elsewhere in MonsterVerse, now the two rivals can peacefully coexist in MonsterVerse. Godzilla can continue to be the king of monsters on the surface, while Kong can reign supreme as the alpha of Hollow Earth.

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The idea that the Hollow Earth is the perfect new home for Kong raises questions about why his kind abandoned him in the first place. The exact reason why they ended up on Skull Island was not discussed in the film itself, but was addressed in the novel Godzilla vs. Kong. When diving into the ancient stories of Evi, passed down by the ancestors of Gia, it turned out that their departure was caused by the massacre that unfolded during the ancient War of the Titans. Godzilla’s side, which seemed to have won the conflict, forced them to retreat and find a new home on the surface. This makes sense considering that Kong’s entire species naturally wouldn’t leave the Hollow Earth behind if they really had no other choice.

Some Congas may have been left in the Hollow Earth

The scene in the Hollow Earth Temple where Kong’s call to the other monkeys went unanswered implies that he is indeed the last of his kind in the MonsterVerse. However, this moment in itself does not confirm anything about the fate of the Kong species. The hollow Earth is a huge place, so it is quite possible that some decided not to accompany the group that fled through the tunnels and made its way to Skull Island. If this is true, then there may be another Kong tribe living somewhere in the hidden world of the Hollow Earth. Kong and the humans had enough time to explore only a part of this new corner of the MonsterVerse, so it’s unknown what else is there.

The events of the War of the Titans tragically changed the lives of Kong’s ancestors and eventually led to their death due to Crawling Skulls. But Kong’s appearance on Hollow Earth in Godzilla vs. Kong, and the possibility that others still have a home there, creates the potential for a happy ending. Since the rumors about the Son of Kong story taking place in Godzilla vs. Kong 2, however, there is always a chance that in addition to finding a new home, Kong can start a family in the future MonsterVerse.