Godzilla vs. Kong: film remains at the top of the world box office


Godzilla vs. Kong continues to perform well at the global box office. The clash between the two giant creatures earned $ 13.4 million in the United States last weekend. The film secured US $ 69.5 million in the domestic market and an expressive US $ 288 in the rest of the world.

With that, Godzilla vs. Kong is expected to overtake Tenet in the next few days, and become the highest grossing movie for a pandemic. Until last Sunday (11), the film, which already had the best opening box office, had grossed US $ 357 million, against US $ 363 million of the film directed by Christopher Nolan.

Part of the box office of the new Warner Bros. film. is due to the success it has made in the Chinese market. In the country alone, the feature grossed US $ 165.4 million. The global box office is followed by Australia with US $ 16 million, followed by Mexico (US $ 15.8 million), Taiwan (US $ 11.7 million) and Russia (US $ 11.1 million). Meanwhile, Europe remains with most cinemas closed.

These results demonstrate that as countries advance in vaccination, the cinema begins to receive the public again. In the US, the government has authorized the reopening of theaters in New York and Los Angeles, two major cities for big-budget films like this. Despite this, they were allowed to sell a limit of 50% of the total capacity.

“We are thrilled that Godzilla vs. Kong is bringing audiences back to theaters, where it is shown worldwide and also to our HBO Max subscribers at their homes here in the United States,” said Toby Emmerich, president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group. “It is really a pleasure for all of us at Warner Bros. and HBO Max to be able to thank and congratulate Adam, Legendary and the entire ‘GvK’ team for the excellent results of this incredible film.”

In Brazil, Godzilla vs. Kong is scheduled to arrive exclusively in theaters on April 29.