Godzilla Vs. Kong approved? check out the first reviews


After a long wait, Godzilla Vs. Kong finally reached the cinemas and the HBO Max catalog. The film directed by Adam Wingard (Death Note) shows the clash between the two giant monsters and opens the doors of MonsterVerse even more. But is the encounter between Godzilla and Kong up to the characters? Below you can check the main reviews of the film.

THR – David Rooney

“The action stands out throughout the film in a big and turbulent way, swept away by Junkie XL’s dynamic soundtrack. With the exception of the roles played by Demián Bichir, the ever entertaining Brian Tyree Henry and newcomer Kaylee Hottle, who comes from a totally deaf family, human characters tend to take a back seat. But what really matters is the fight of the titans, and in that sense few should complain ”.

Variety – Peter Debruge

“Screenwriters Eric Pearson (Thor: Ragnarok) and Max Borenstein (who’s been with the franchise since Godzilla 2014) have a way of complicating things with twists that can barely hold up. Godzilla vs. Kong is most rewarding when it’s simplest, which happens either in silent scenes of connection between Jia and Kong, or in those deafening moments when the monsters are struggling to get out. They do it in a suspended animation in the style of Zack Snyder, so fans are probably not even aware that the filmmaker is lowering the frame rate to accentuate his most dramatic movements. ”

Collider – Matt Goldberg

“Godzilla vs. Kong is the most cynical of the blockbusters because he believes that you, as a spectator, expect nothing more than nostalgia mixed with CGI spectacle. And while this is not new, there is something particularly discouraging about watching directors like Wingard, throwing themselves into something totally disposable, where the only winners are AT&T shareholders. Obviously, all box office successes are built on the basis of commerce, regardless of whether they are good films or not. Warner Bros. did not make films like Mad Max: Fury Road or Harry Potter for the goodness of their hearts. They did it to make money, and that’s okay. But it is rarely as transparent and lazy as the empty spectacle and meaningless destruction featured in Godzilla vs. Kong. The public, the cast and these robust animals deserve better ”.

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IndieWire – Kate Erbland

“In the end, it’s all about the battles, and Wingard’s film offers one of the best in the franchise. The Ocean Showdown is a masterful lesson in coherent CGI extravaganzas that take place at dusk and often underwater. The thought-provoking final frames suggest more to come, but Godzilla vs. Kong does something rare: he offers a satisfying story that can be left alone, even when his monstrous heroes demand more exploration ”.

Bloody Disgusting – Meagan Navarro

“Director Adam Wingard is fully committed to action and adventure. Combined with the sophisticated technology at his disposal, Godzilla vs. Kong offers all the monstrous wonder and chaos you have come to expect. The main event comes late, but Wingard waits. worth it, with exciting scenarios and pure fun destruction. The filmmaker fulfilled his promise to ensure that a titan also emerged victorious, although it is predictable how it will happen if you are paying attention “.

Screen Rant – Mae Abdulbaki

“The most interesting aspect of the film involves Jia (Hottle) and her friendship with King Kong, who trusts her more than anyone else. Their relationship is captivating and adorable, providing the audience with a caring connection between her and one of the creatures at the center of the film. The human stories surrounding the main event are all connected, although there is a general lack of depth in their emotions. However, the film still manages to entertain on many levels, offering attractive confrontations between Godzilla and Kong, which work on a large scale, as well as stories of intriguing monsters that help to explore the history of the main characters a little more. ”

ComicBook – Charlie Ridgely

“These titans are beautiful, and watching them explode as a city collapses around them is a strangely beautiful sight to behold, especially on the big screen. Godzilla vs. Kong is the monster movie we’ve all been waiting for. Is it a perfect movie? Absolutely not, but it’s the most fun you’ll have with a movie this year. If it’s safe to go to the cinema where you are, or if you’ve been vaccinated and can’t wait to return, there’s nothing like seeing Godzilla vs. Kong on the screen great”.


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