Godzilla vs. Kong: a duel of numbers


Godzilla vs. Kong: Starting today, 17, the epic battle Godzilla vs. Kong is available for purchase on Apple TV, with 1 hour of exclusive extra content and the ability to watch it multiple times.

For those who couldn’t check it out in movie theaters, it’s time to find out who wins this fight: a kind of mutant dinosaur, created out of fear of nuclear attacks, or a spectacular gorilla that had its island invaded and fell in love with the girl.

The year 2021 is the second time that the dispute between the King of Monsters and King Kong appears on the big screen and, this time, involving several other monsters, or titans, for the most avid fans. The first time this fight was fought was in 1962, under the direction of Ishiro Honda.

Since then, several films have been released with both characters, but always separated, pleasing many fans of the style. Their union in just one story has been awaited for years and Godzilla vs. Kong was released in early May in Brazil.

Anyone who has seen the 1962 film or even this year’s already knows who the real winner of this battle is. But for the entire franchise of each monster (or hero), who wins? From character creation to the latest movie, check out Godzilla and King Kong’s comparison of numbers and trivia.


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