Godzilla And King Kong Arrived At World Of Warships


Godzilla And King Kong: In partnership with Legendary Entretainment, World of Warships recently hosted an event based on the movie Godzilla vs. Kong, which is currently playing in theaters. Lasting until the end of May, it features several exclusive skins and a new special chain of combat missions.

The content is divided into three different packages that the player can purchase. The first is Kong: Primordial Fury, which includes Commander Kong with 10 skill points and dedicated voiceover, the North Carolina tier VIII ship with its permanent Primal camouflage, a commemorative flag and a themed camouflage. Its price is 21,750 doubloons.

The second package is Godzilla: Monster of the Apogee, which brings Commander Godzilla with 10 points of skill and dedicated voiceover, the Amagi tier VIII ship equipped with his permanent Ray of Heat camouflage and a commemorative flag and a themed camouflage. Its price is 20,950 doubloons.

For those interested in buying both, the game offers the Titans: Big Pack bundle, which brings the content of Kong: Primordial Fury and Godzilla: Monster of the Apogee for 42,850 doubloons, with 10% discount.

Speaking of the special chain of combat missions, it requires playing to take a side in the battle of the giant monsters, being part of Team Kong or Team Godzilla. Completing the stages, players will receive the Definitive Guardian or Definitive Titan camouflages and whoever completes the chain completely, will receive the Two Titans – One King container as a final bonus.

World of Warships is available for free on PC.


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