Godfather 3 gets restored version with new title and ending


For many critics and fans, The Godfather III is the weakest in the Corleone trilogy, but that doesn’t stop him from being worshiped today. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Paramount promised a new version, with the cut that director Francis Ford Coppola and screenwriter Mario Puzo had envisioned for the feature film.

The new edition should hit theaters in December, but with limited release. The film will also be renamed The Godfather: The Death of Michael Corleone, which was the title the director and screenwriter wanted from the beginning, but which was vetoed by Paramount at the time of the original release.

The film will arrive in a restored version, which featured a 6-month job in search of the original production negatives. More than 50 low-resolution shots were replaced by a 4K version. The meticulous work was done frame by frame, to guarantee the best image and the most powerful sound possible. A restored version without the changes will also be made available.

Coppola would have supervised the work to ensure that his vision was respected to the fullest. After limited release on the big screen, production is expected to land on streaming services next year. Crucial changes were made at the beginning and end of The Godfather III, and some scenes were reorganized to make the story more fluid. It was not disclosed how long this version will be – the original has 2h50. It is worth mentioning that, although many wrinkled their noses for the film, he was nominated for 7 Oscar awards, including best film and best director.


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