Godfall’s Cinematic Trailer Released


A 2.43-minute cinematic trailer was released for Godfall, which attracted attention as the first PS5 game to be introduced. The game, which increases the expectations with the cinematic trailer, will be released for PS5 and PC in November.

Godfall, which was announced as the first PlayStation 5 game last year and did not create great expectations at first, created a small expectation with the gameplay images published in the past weeks. The gameplay video, which focused mostly on the action scenes of the game, made us see the atmosphere of Godfall for the first time. Developed by Counterplay Games, a small developer team compared to other PlayStation games, the 2.47-minute cinematic trailer has now been released, which will greatly increase expectations.

The company, which released a trailer with impressive images to help us recognize the game that we will fight gigantic battles, seems to be one of the games that will show the power of PS5. The trailer, which makes it feel like we are in an action movie, focuses on the struggle between the two knights who come face to face afterwards, although it shows a union at first.

Godfall cinematic trailer:

The game, which will be released for PS5 and Microsoft Windows on November 12, as one of the PS5’s launch games, will arrive in Europe on November 19, 2020. Godfall, the game in which players face off against the knights to prevent the great apocalypse, will come up with 5 different weapon classes determined according to armor sets and set in the realms of earth, water, air, fire and spirit. Godfall, which supports up to 3 players as it can be played alone, has already started to excite players who love Destiny series.

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The game, developed by Counterplay Games, a studio of 75 people with many names that also developed Destiny 2, is among the most anticipated games in the coming period. Well, did you like the trailer posted? Are you thinking of giving Godfall a chance? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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