Godfall will accompany PS5 on its launch


This action game with touches of looter was the first title to be confirmed for the Sony system. Godfall was one of the video games absent from the PlayStation 5 presentation, but the developers of Counterplay Games have taken this moment to announce the release date of their video game. It will be from November 12 when players can enjoy the title on PS5 and PC. That means it will be another launch video game in the console’s catalog.

Although Godfall can be pre-ordered on PC (Epic Games Store), the process has not yet been activated on the Sony platform. Through a message on Twitter, the study has confirmed that it will not take too long. This production, the first to be announced for PS5, will be edited by Gearbox and will come in several editions, which we detail below, at this link.

PS5 will include a game pre-installed and free

The craziest platforms will be available to all players who buy a PlayStation 5. As announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment at the first event dedicated entirely to the console, all systems will come with Astro’s Playroom pre-installed and free.

Although it was not designed for virtual reality, the playable concept has also been developed with technology in mind, although this time in a different one. The DualSense, the new controller for PlayStation 5, introduces adaptive triggers and haptic functions. This means that players will have the opportunity to experience more sensory and tactile sensations thanks to the features that will be implemented control. Astro’s Playroom will serve as a testing ground, as a perfect way to discover everything that we can see in other products that come on the market.

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