Godfall On PlayStation Plus Will Not Be A Test Version, Producer Says


Godfall: With the announcement of the December PlayStation Plus games confirming the inclusion of a new version of Godfall, subscribers were caught off guard and revolted by the “newness”. Anyway, Godfall: Challenger Edition doesn’t give access to the campaign mode — and that was more than enough to make players angry.

But, according to a spokesman for Counterplay, the game’s developer, this is not quite the case. According to Eurogamer, the developer claims that the Challenger Edition is not a trial version, but rather a limited and reduced price version.

In addition to being offered as part of this month’s PS Plus, this edition of the game will also be free for a limited time at the Epic Games Store starting December 9th. After this period, the game in limited version will be sold for US$ 14.99.

The new edition is cheaper and has only three different game modes. The idea here, according to the developer, is to let players try a version of the game with equipment and skills equivalent to those at the end of the game, and then choose whether or not to purchase the campaign.

The big problem pointed out by subscribers is that this goes against the original PlayStation Plus proposal. Sony’s subscription service often offers full games, generating dissatisfaction among PlayStation gamers.

Godfall was released in November 2020 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.