Godfall endgame will continue to “challenge the players”


According to Counterplay Games, after finishing the individual Godfall campaign we will have several ways to continue taking advantage of the game.

With just over a month left for the arrival of PS5 to the market, we can learn more about one of the games that will accompany the console at its launch, and it is none other than Godfall, an ARPG with an important cooperative and looting component. Knowing already that it would have an individual campaign and some plot details of it, today we have the opportunity to learn more about its endgame, a great challenge for any study as we have seen in the recent case of Marvel’s Avengers, for example. As they assure from Counterplay, the one of Godfall will continue “challenging and rewarding the players”.

Various game modes after the campaign

It was Dick Heyne, technical producer of the game, who has given these details, stating that the game will be far from over after having finished with Macros, the antagonist of Godfall. The base of this endgame will be the Test Tower.

“The Test Tower is a rogue-like challenge mode accessible from the Monolith,” Heyne begins by explaining. “It can be played solo or co-op, and as players complete each combat trial and progress, the enemies get stronger. Hopefully, players will be able to earn Blessings and rewards along the way.”

“Players first complete these encounters by defeating waves of enemies to be rewarded with keys, a specific coin from the Tower of Trials mode, and it will reset to 0 when they leave the Tower,” he continues. “Next, the player chooses the type of reward they want to get by choosing an exit door with the reward type icon on it. There are several types that players can get, but only if they pass through that door and pass the test behind it. “.

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Apparently, this test does not have a time limit to be overcome, and once all the enemies are defeated, whatever time it takes us, we will get the chosen reward. “We are looking forward to sharing more details on additional modes, such as the Dreamstones, in the near future,” Heyne said, hinting that we can expect more news from Godfall before its launch.

Godfall will be available on November 12 on PS5 and PC, hitting stores a week before the console in Europe.


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