Godfall Could Be Released for PS4 Soon


Godfall: One of the great early promises on PS5 was Godfall, but the game failed to live up to its expectations as well and was somewhat overlooked after its release. But it is quite possible that now he will be remembered and even get some new fans, after all, chances are he has the PS4 launch planned for the next few months.

We say this because it was discovered that this PS4 version was listed on the website of the European age rating board, known as PEGI. The title already appears with an indicative rating of 16 years old and has a brief summary of what the game is about. It is worth mentioning that there is an error in what would be the release date for the PS4, since the site lists April 23, 2021, a date that has obviously passed.

Most likely, this is only the date of registration of the game on the site and it is being updated when the official release is announced by the developer Counterplay Games. For those who don’t remember, the game that was originally announced at the 2019 Game Awards had an exclusive six-month contract with the PS5 and the Epic Games store on the PC version.

Given that it was released on November 12, 2020, this means that the agreement ends on May 12 this year, really giving an opening for the launch on other platforms to happen. With that in mind, it is quite possible that the arrival date on PS4 will only be announced after the exclusivity has officially ended.

It is also likely that Godfall will be announced to other online stores on the PC in addition to Epic Games. This would be the chance that anyone who only uses Steam was waiting to try the title. And you, do you think it is worth giving Godfall a new chance on these new platforms or have you ever been discouraged by the game’s lukewarm release?


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