Godfall analysis, the first ‘miss’ of PS5


We analyze one of the first titles for PlayStation 5, which falls short in its essential sections. “What strange creatures are brothers!”, Jane Austen

The first games of a new console always carry a stigma typical of the ‘line up’ output: demonstrate the power of the next generation, what a new system is capable of, what that hardware can do. And sometimes that takes a toll. Godfall, which has been in stores since November – we are sorry for the delay in bringing you the review, but better late than never! -, which is also on PC, has been part of its initial wave, has good things, but other inexplicable things, or motivated perhaps by being ready on time. It is bad? Is it worth investing in it? Well it depends on several factors.

Cain and Abel with swords

What is Godfall? As the game itself reviews on its console menu screen, it is “the first ARPG of looter – slasher action focused on hand-to-hand combat.” It is a cross between a campaign mode game and a more proper ‘GaaS’ (Service Game). It has elements of one and the other, and forms a hybrid as curious as it is fun and can be improved.

Let’s take the latest God of War, reduce the plot a lot, open its scenarios a little more, and add a mission structure more typical of Bungie’s Destiny than the typical third-person hack ‘n slash, and an RPG progression / customization. The result is Godfall, a title that is basically a 3rd Person hack ‘n slash, but suffers from inexplicable glitches and very good hits.

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First, the plot, which is one of the worst in the game: Although it has its touch of classic tragedy, the story of two brothers facing each other in a world of Science Fiction and Fantasy at the same time – Alex Proyas’ Gods of Egypt seems like this – it seems topical and very superficial in that it is a mere excuse to put together the plethora of missions that lie ahead. It may attract attention at first, because of course the initial kinematics is very attractive, but it is diluted and also ends in an anticlimactic way of course.


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