GoDaddy offers free tools for three months


Keep your trade open – but on the internet. This is the invitation that GoDaddy has for entrepreneurs who were forced to close their doors in order to collaborate with the fight against Covid-19. The company made three tools available, free for three months, and launched a campaign whose content is hosted on the hot site

“This website brings together special content with tips for entrepreneurs and free marketing tools. Everything for this moment that we are living ”, explains Beto Santos, Country Manager at GoDadddy in Brazil. In addition, it provides standardized materials for companies to inform, on their social networks, that they continue to serve over the internet. “There, entrepreneurs can download images for websites and social networks, informing that it is open, while still collaborating in the effort against Covid-19”, he adds.

With its more than 19 million active customers – four times more than the runner-up in this market – and revenues of $ 3.4 billion in 2019, GoDaddy even made a product package available for free for 90 days. Check out:

1. Tools for digital marketing
The promotion, whether for those who are already customers or not, offers an email marketing management tool. “It is very simple: you launch your products and your database, and he manages the shipping”, explains Beto Santos. Intuitive, the tool does not require technical knowledge and assists in the creation of e-mails by suggesting ready-made templates according to the subject – be it a sales campaign, the promotion of an event or a newsletter. In addition, it allows you to insert images and texts and edit colors.

It is also part of the package that is being offered free of charge by Google My Business, which helps to better position the company’s website in the search engine. Thus, the user achieves a better search engine optimization ranking, the famous acronym SEO.

Speaking of SEO, the tool helps lay people to improve the structure of the site so that it is better indexed by Google. Guides which keywords are most suitable and helps in optimizing images for indexing. And everything is very intuitive and simple.

And more: the entrepreneur can integrate the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and have access to the statistics of all these networks in one place. The tool also allows you to create content and post on platforms via the control panel. Thus, you can both create and manage posts on a single platform.

2. Over application, for creating content on social networks
Purchased by GoDaddy this year, the app is still in English, but it is very intuitive. It allows to produce, from the smartphone, whether it has an Android or iOS operating system, dozens of different products.

“With Over, you can develop posts and stories with elaborate and professional art, as well as social media pages, but also products that are not digital, such as pamphlets, texts for electronic panels or even a new logo”, reports Country Manager. To use this product for free it is not necessary to be a GoDaddy customer.

Before being acquired, Over already had more than 1 million monthly active users, in more than 150 countries. Its users have access to more than 8,000 templates, 500 premium fonts and a collection of 2 million images and videos. It is a tool geared towards the needs of small businesses.

3. Free website creation
If your company does not have its own website, this is a unique opportunity to create it and put it on the air, for free, for 30 days, through the link: builder.

The GoDaddy Website Builder allows you to develop and maintain your page, regardless of your level of technical knowledge. It is an editing and publishing tool that does not require technical knowledge and allows you to create an institutional website, blog and even a virtual store.

The Website Builder also integrates the page with social networks and Google My Business, and also has an online scheduling tool. In addition, it ensures that the site is marked as safe by browsers (it comes with SSL) and offers dozens of templates with image banks to facilitate creation, whatever the company’s area of ​​operation.

The client also has GoDaddy Insights, a technology that compares the entrepreneur’s site with 1 million other sites created using the same tool and, based on this analysis, suggests adjustments according to the best practices identified by artificial intelligence. Thus, the entrepreneur can improve his website and attract more traffic.


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