God of War Ragnarok Keeps The Camera ‘uncut’ From The Previous Game


God of War Ragnarok will keep the same style of “uncut” cinematography used in the previous game, from 2018. The information is not a surprise, you could imagine from the trailer, but now we have its official confirmation coming from Matt Sophos , narrative director of the game.

The 2018 God of War was highly praised for the feature, which perhaps goes unnoticed by many players. The idea is to convey a style already well known in cinema, in which a long scene is made continuously, without cuts, to cause different effects, depending on the context.

In God of War, the idea was to give players a greater sense of immersion, without ever taking our view of that world and its events.

It will be interesting to see how this format will be used in the new generation. In 2018’s God of War, using fast travel broke a bit of that continuous camera effect, to give the game time to load, mostly.

One of the most popular things about new generation consoles, like the PS5, is the end of loading times, thanks to the SSDs present in the console. That being said, we’ll see if God of War Ragnarok on PS5 can take the continuous camera even further, and truly deliver an uncut game from its first minute to the last.


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