God of War: Ragnarok Jotnar Edition costs £230 in the UK


Pre-orders are now open to those who want to buy God of War: Ragnarok in the UK, where prices for Jotnar and the collector’s edition of the game have also been announced.

The Jotnar Edition will cost buyers 229.99 pounds, the collector’s edition — 179.99 pounds, while copies for the PS5 cost 69.99 pounds, and the PS4 — 59.99 pounds. Thus, you can expect quite similar prices when buying in the USA — it is expected that pre-orders will be valid from 10:00 am ET.

Pre-orders for both the Jotnar and collector’s edition have sold out exceptionally quickly in the UK, but restocking is expected soon. At the time of writing, PS Direct UK has not yet started accepting pre-orders, but it is expected that this will happen before the end of the day on July 15.

Collector’s Edition of God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Unpacking Screenshots

The graphics modes for the game were also apparently revealed via an email from UK retailer ShopTo. The details provided promise that the game will allow you to “switch between full 4K resolution with a target of 30 frames per second or dynamic resolution increased to 4K with a target of 60 frames per second.”

Ragnarok will be available in four separate editions when it comes out on November 9th. The collector’s edition will include many additional physical and digital items for buyers, as well as a 16-inch replica of the famous Mjölnir hammer.

The Jotnari edition of God of War Ragnarok is very similar to the collector’s edition, but it will include several additional premium items. There is also a Digital Deluxe version, which costs 79.99 pounds / 79.99 US dollars.

God of War: Ragnarok continues the Scandinavian reboot of the classic action series, and the gameplay trailer showed us a familiar combination of fantasy battles and family quarrels. The game will finally introduce Thor and will apparently make some interesting changes to the action system.

As for other God of War news, Sony is reportedly developing a God of War series for Amazon that will accompany its other series, such as the Horizon series for Netflix and The Last of Us for HBO.

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