God Of War Ragnarok Is Classified In Saudi Arabia


God of War Ragnarok recently received its age rating in Saudi Arabia, having been considered a recommended 18+ game there as well. The game’s rating is no surprise, but the interesting part is that it can be considered another sign that its release shouldn’t be long.

Sony has promised that the sequel to its acclaimed God of War will arrive in 2022, but has not officially offered any specific release date. While we’re waiting, the game has been appearing in some ratings bodies indicating age to play.

This type of rating is usually done after the game has no longer changed its content. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to receive an age group indication and then fiddle with the content in a way that could even change that indication.

So, if the content of God of War Ragnarok is basically ready and Sony is already chasing the competent bodies for rating, we hope that the release is not too far away. And, above all, that the game will not be postponed.

A data mining of the PlayStation base has already indicated that the game could be released on September 30th. Meanwhile, PC folks will finally be able to enjoy the current game this January.