God of War Ragnarök: Atreus is More Experienced and Will Have More Combos


One of the highlights of Sony’s PlayStation Showcase presentation, God of War Ragnarök will bring back the duo Kratos and Atreus in the continuation of their saga against the gods of Norse mythology. More experienced, having helped his father throughout the first game, the “boy” will now be even more useful during battles.

The information is from the director of the new game, Eric Williams. According to him, Atreus has matured and this has generated a change in dynamics with Kratos and led to an evolution in combat gameplay. “[Atreus] has grown up a bit, so he now has more sequels and combos with Kratos,” the director said in an interview with IGN, indicating that the young man will be of great help during fights.

But it wasn’t just the boy who developed. According to Williams, who assumed the mantle left by Cory Barlog, enemies follow this evolution. “Creatures obviously need tools to deal with this, otherwise you would just destroy them,” he added.

Williams also said that this new dynamic between characters and opponents will make players need to think before acting, as it may be necessary to take specific actions against monsters such as Atreus or Kratos in order for battles to proceed.

The director even confirmed that the Nine Realms changed somewhat after the events of the previous game. Now in the period of Fimbulwinter, the long winter before Ragnarök, the Realms are partly covered in snow, but the event has altered some locations in different ways.

Still no release date confirmed but coming exclusively for PlayStation, God of War Ragnarök will have versions for PS4 and PS5.


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