God of War: PC Version Will Not Support Full Screen


God of War: The PC port of God of War received far more praise than criticism, with most portals praising its performance and graphics, but strangely this port doesn’t include full-screen play support.

According to Matt DeWald, from Santa Monica Studio, the team made this decision because the Borderless Fullscreen mode was the one that guaranteed the best efficiency when resizing the Windows 10 operating system, taking full advantage of its resources.

After all, the DirectX 11 that is used to run God of War supports VSync, NVIDIA G-Sync and more when running in borderless windows, and resizing through TAA, NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR guaranteed better quality than the alternatives.

While the Santa Monica team continues to work on resolving minor technical issues, we should not expect changes in this regard. However, as we are talking about computers, the community continues to release interesting mods, such as the possibility to increase your field of vision.

Have you tried the God of War port on PC? What did you think of the result? Do you miss being able to play in Fullscreen? Tell us in the comments below!