God Of War On PC Made Brazilians File A Complaint On Reclame Aqui


God Of War: Like someone who wants nothing, without creating any fanfare, God of War arrived yesterday (20) on Steam. Costing $199.90, Kratos’ adventure against the Norse Gods arrives on PC in January of next year and has already reached the top of the best sellers list on the platform.

The game then ceases to be a PlayStation exclusive, joining Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone as another first-party title from Sony to be released for computers. And this didn’t make many fans of the brand happy.

On the Reclame Aqui website, used by consumers to point out malpractices and problems with companies in general, PlayStation players and fans have created complaints about the 2018 game port being advertised and sold for the PC.

In one complaint, a user accuses Sony of “misleading advertising”, saying it chose the PS4 over the PC because of the label “Only on PlayStation” and now the company is releasing its exclusive games on the computer. The user also says that he was “misled and deceived by Sony and Playstation, in clear violation of article 37 of the CDC”, citing the Consumer Protection Code.

Another complaint is about the packaging of the games, saying that when buying GoW for PS4 “it came with the PLAYSTATION ONLY description on the product box, and today it announced that it is no longer exclusive and that it will come out for PC, ie advertising misleading.”

Complaints or no complaints, God of War arrives in January 2022 for PC via Steam.


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