God of War on PC: Giant Eye Mod Entertains Art Director


The arrival of God of War on PC obviously caught the attention of modders on duty, who came up with mods with interesting technical improvements, such as an increase in your field of vision, to complete nonsense, such as a mod that turns Kratos’ head into a giant eye.

This particular mod caught the attention of art director Raf Grassetti, the lead artist of the original game, who took to Twitter to play around a bit and do a “serious analysis” of the direction of this mod:

“(laughs) you can see how we took care of the shadows in contact with the eyes, with geometries that didn’t cast shadows and following the same spherical shape, according to the animations of the eyelids”, joked Raf. “Also, iris parallax works really well at this scale!”

In an interview with Game Informer, director Cory Barlog had also commented that “one of the coolest things about playing computer games is the feeling that other people can do something to improve your experience even more, I think mods are very cool and fun”.

And you, have you tried God of War on the computer? Interested in installing mods there? What did you think of Raf’s commentary and critical analysis? Tell us in the comments below!